About Us

PillBox Pharmacy was incorporated and established in October 2012 and founded by 3 founders including a licensed senior pharmacist, Mr. Zenson Yong who has more than 10 years’ experience in the industry and an experienced businesswoman, Ms. Wytee Low. The founders individually contribute to the successful establishment of PillBox Pharmacy by bringing their respective expertise in offering ethical and professional pharmaceutical products and services. 

Back in 2012, one can hardly find pharmacies in the airports in Malaysia, apart from some of the international airports. When travellers have nowhere to seek for medical advice or products when in need before their long flight, it is a nightmare and we strive to fill the gap and provide the convenience and medical need.

From the first outlet in Subang Skypark Terminal 3 Subang Airport, PillBox Pharmacy had the opportunity to expand the pharmacy business with Malaysia Airport Berhad and ventured into other airports in the following year.
In October 2015, PillBox Pharmacy penetrated into the Sabah market and the 3rd outlet in Kota Kinabalu International Airport in 2016.
The expansion continues and by March 2019, we successfully launched the 4th outlet in Langkawi International Airport and 5th outlet in Miri Airport, Sarawak by September 2019.
With the goal of offering a wide range of products to travellers and tourists at the airport, PillBox Pharmacy has since its incorporation offers wide range of products including prescription drugs, health supplements, personal care, beauty products and off-the-counter items to its customers who are largely to customers in between flights and patrons of the airport.
While many provides did not expect to receive quality professional medical consultation and services due to the short period of time that they will be at the airport, PillBox provides exceptional professional service and needs to its customers who need emergency care before their next flight.
PillBox Pharmacy's Vision

The company’s vision is and has always been to be the leading airport and transportation hub’s pharmacy in Malaysia and reaching out to travellers and tourists from different nation. We believe that with over 8 years of experience in airport retail, PillBox Pharmacy has established a strong understanding of what our customers need and want particularly when they travel.

Thank You for Supporting Us 

We thank our loyal customers for their support all these years, keeping us to be on track with our vision. With our rapid expansion, we are confident and ready to take on a new challenge of expanding our business to reach larger transportation hub nationwide.