OMX COLLAGEN 20ml x 15’s
OMX COLLAGEN 20ml x 15’s
OMX COLLAGEN 20ml x 15’s
OMX COLLAGEN 20ml x 15’s
OMX COLLAGEN 20ml x 15’s
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OMX COLLAGEN 20ml x 15’s

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OMX-Collagen contains 500 mg collagen tripeptide (highly purified, non-antigenic, low-allergenic collagen fraction) thereby can improves dry skin, speeds up wound and even bone fracture healing.

It can effectively help the skin stay plump, toned, firm and glowing through constant renewal of skin cells and restoration on skin elasticity.

Within 10 days, significant improvement on skin elasticity and moisture can be observed.

Other benefits including:

  • Prevent loss of bone mass
  • Correct weak or damaged nail beds
  • Help build muscle and burn fat
  • May improve digestive health
  • May reduce cellulite
  • Protects brain




2 tubes daily for the first 2 weeks

1 tube daily for subsequent days or 1 tube every alternative day


7,750 mg of hydrolysed fish collagen

OHMS probiotics

6 beauty-boosting components:

  • Vitamin c - helps in collagen synthesis
  • Royal jelly - aids in brightening complexion, supports wound healing, reduces scars and spots and decreases skin inflammation
  • Co-enzyme Q-10 - energizes & revitalizes skin cells
  • Ceramide - hold skin cells together, fortify skin’s natural barrier and restore moisture that plumps the skin
  • Hyaluronic acid - enhances skin moisture and contributes to smoother and silky skin
  • Elastin - promotes elasticity to the skin