PHM Beta Glucan Forte 15g x 30’s
PHM Beta Glucan Forte 15g x 30’s
PHM Beta Glucan Forte 15g x 30’s
PHM Beta Glucan Forte 15g x 30’s
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PHM Beta Glucan Forte 15g x 30’s

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PHM Beta Glucan Forte (Beta Glucan + OHMS Probiotics), a superior immune system boosting supplement. PHM Beta Glucan Forte is a scientifically proven Biological Response Modifier Glucan (BRMG) that nutritionally potentiates and modulates the immune response.

The combination of Beta Glucan and Probiotics enhance each other by creating a complementary union of strength with which Probiotics helps to maximize the absorption of BRMG

BRMG are naturally occurring polysaccharides, these substances increases host immune defence by activating the complement system, enhancing macrophages and natural killer cell function. The most active form of Beta Glucan are those comprised of D-glucan attached to one another at the (1,3) position with the side chain of D-glucose attached at to (1,6) position.

When ingested, beta glucan goes to the stomach then passes to a special region of the small intestines called the Peyer's patch. In the Peyer's patch, microfold cells (which are responsible for transporting organisms from the stomach to immune cells) transport the beta glucan to phagocytes via lymphatic system. Phagocytes then digest the beta glucan in order to make soluble glucan fibers. 'These glucan fibers bind and activate the other immune cells; Macrophages and Natural Killer cell activating them only when they come in contact with bacteria, cancer or other foreign entities.

Clinically proven benefit of taking Beta Glucan Forte:

  • Supports healthy immune function and system
  • Supports the body's defences against seasonal immune challenges
  • Confers anti-tumor effects
  • Enhances haematopoiesis following radiation ,chemotherapy treatment for various cancers
  • Improves digestive problems (Probiotics ferment beta glucan to produce more short-chain fatty acids and postbiotics in digestive system)
  • Improves constipation (beta glucan is a dietary fiber)
  • enhances nutrients absorption and activates own body 's T cells to fight infections, mutations and pathogens
  • Anti-diabetic (suppress blood glucose elevation)
  • Provides stronger anti-inflammatory property (increase IL-8 productivity)



Adults: 1 to 3 sachets daily or when necessary.

Children: 1/2 to 1 sachet daily or when necessary.

Consume the sachet directly or mix well with your favorite daily beverage.


Aureobasidium cultured solution (beta glucan), OHMS probiotics, prune, Japanese mugwort, Chinese matrimony, shiitake mushroom, komatsuna, fig, blueberry, Chinese bayberry, yuzu (Citron), agaricus mushroom, maitake mushroom, hijiki seaweed, wakame (Brown seaweed), konbu (Kelp).

This product does not contain preservatives, additives, colouring, flavouring, chemicals, sweeteners and flour.