QProtein 25g x 20’s
QProtein 25g x 20’s
QProtein 25g x 20’s
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QProtein 25g x 20’s

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✔ Weight loss made simple (stay fuel longer & low in calories)

✔ Replenish and heal your muscle tissue after workouts

✔ Cholesterol-free and sugar-free (suitable for low-carbohydrate dieters)

✔ Suitable for the whole family

✔ Low-carbohydrate dieters

✔ Vegetarians & Vegan

✔ Children (Above age of 2)

✔ Athletes and anyone that requires complete protein on a daily basis

✔ Certified HALAL by JAKIM




1-2 sachets or as required.



  • Tri-color quinoa (9 essential amino acids which help to build strong bones, muscle and skin)
  • Pure pea protein (promotes cardio health and muscle growth)
  • Isolated soy protein (protects against bone loss)
  • Organic black soy beans (rich in phytonutrients including antioxidants)