UT-Cran 5gm x 10sachets
UT-Cran 5gm x 10sachets
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UT-Cran 5gm x 10sachets

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  • Patients with a burning or stinging sensation when passing urine, frequent or slow urges to pass urine, odor smelling urine, discomfort on lower abdominal, cloudy, dark or blood strained urine

  • UT-Cran provides fast and effective relief for patients with Urine Tract Infection (UTI). In as early as 1-hour, bad bacteria is flushed from the bladder. This is supported by the clinical trials that was done in Japan and Spain*.

  • Contains 36mg of (DMAC) of Proanthocyanidin Type A which is a potent antioxidant that has anti-adhesive properties to deactivate the bad bacteria E coli’s pili from sticking to the bladder wall which is the main cause of Urine tract Infections. E coli bacteria will lose its mobility and fixation to the bladder wall and will be flushed out through urination.

  • Contains Ursolic Acid & Benzoic Acid which are anti-inflammatory agents.



1 sachet daily mix with cool water. Recommended increase water intake and consume for at least 5 consecutive days.


Contains 36mg of (DMAC) of Proanthocyanidin Type A